Future Adventures

There are a lot of things going on in our lives right now! Some good, some bad. But we are ALWAYS grateful for the people and the time God has given us.

This Friday we will be heading to Yakima for Mom’s family reunion at their cabin. I can not wait! I have a few fond memories of that place. I am so excited to share pictures with you all.


Mom and Grandma

After the Family reunion, I am packing up my two kiddos and we are heading east to visit my husbands side of the family! We will be gone for two weeks and I can not wait to see all of my in-laws! I have been blessed with great family all around.

179207_179389288768300_100000916899929_404247_5739988_n 2

Berts Grandma (Emma) and His cousin Katie with little Bradley

167869_179389362101626_100000916899929_404249_6315684_n 2

Bradley, Husband, and Berts Grandfather


Bradley and his Uncle Dan (my brother)


My brothers and I


Bradley and Grandma Vicky (Berts Mom)

I have learned a lot in the few years of adulthood I have experienced. For one, don’t take any of your family for granted and second, make sure to appreciate what you have. Not everyone is perfect and God puts people in your life for a reason. Love them.

I am thankful for all of my family no matter if we are close or not! I cannot wait to see some of our family in the coming weeks and I look forward to making fun filled memories for my children! It is going to be a blast!

After our almost three week long vacation, mom and I have made a full plan for our crafting adventures! I was trying to go through my 9,300 pictures last night, because apparently my computer is out of space; and I found a lot of pictures of crafts I did in the past years. It has totally motivated Mom and I to get our craft on! It is also almost time for Fall!!! Mom’s and my favorite time of year!!!! WOOHOO!!!

IMG_3239 IMG_3240 134488_1754422384267_1350150020_1907015_1163729_o

(these are all christmas… I know. But, it is enough motivation for me!)

Now… I am going to have to make time with my busy schedule for all of the holiday festivities! I am taking on 5 classes at the college here (last semester it was only 3!). Thank God for Mom! She has been awesome with the kids and allowing me to continue my education AND while my husband is doing his best to advance in his career.

Anywho! I am so excited to share the next few months with you all. ¬†Hopefully the Fall will be more entertaining… blog wise. Also keep checking in every Thursday for our flash backs!!

One thought on “Future Adventures

  1. Judy Hudgins says:

    Great plan. I found I have to put stuff on my calendar or it doesn’t get done. I just ordered books for my 5 classes this semester. Can’t wait for them to arrive! At least my classes are all online.

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