Flash Back Thursday Virginia

It’s Thursday and it is time for a flash back! I have taken you back to the beginning of our military adventure, Kansas. Then on to Hawaii. Our next stop is good old Virginia.

My dad got station at Ft. Belvoir in 1993. I remember getting on the plane to go back to our home town of Yakima, Wa first. (We had to go to Yakima before we moved to Ft. Belvoir because my dad had some training he had to finish.) We lived with my grandma for a month or so and then headed east.

I remember getting to Virginia and thinking how beautiful it was. The smell of the trees will always be one of my favorite memories. As a young child, Virginia had a spooky feel about it, but it honestly it never bothered me. It was a really cool place to live.

I remember our fist visit to Washington D.C. and boy was I blown away! I loved the look of all the old colonial buildings and even at a young age I had an appreciation for the history and architecture that filled the place.


I love this picture my mom took, it looks ten times better in person. (The pictures I put in these posts are all re-taken with my phone, so the quality is lacking to say the lest.)

IMG_0372 IMG_0363

We have thousand of pictures from our trips to D.C. but they are packed away in storage. One day I will have to share them with you all!


First day of school… I think. :0)

Some of my favorite memories are of my brothers and I playing! Wether it was on our way to the bus stop or in the inches upon inches of snow. We were always playing. One of the great things about VA is the mass amounts of wooded areas available to play in… Although this did lead to mass amounts of ticks on us kids!



We had a blast in the snow! We would make snow ice cream, snowmen, and of course igloo’s.

I remember mom and dad making hot chocolate for us kids on a daily basis. I believe I have told you all before hot chocolate on a snowy day is one of my favorite things! It brings back a lot of childhood memories and I can only pray it becomes on of my children’s favorite things.


My holding my brother Brandon.


All four of us kids.

Another memory of Virginia is my baby brother Brandon being born. He is number four of us five children. He is now the tallest of us children at a whopping 6’5″.

We were stationed in VA twice, this was our first stay! We really enjoyed living there. I hope to be able to take my children to D.C. so they can see our history at its best.

Interview with mom:

What your best memory from our move to VA? 

Mom: while we were traveling, I got to see a lot of our country and places I had never ben to before.

What was on of your favorite things about living in VA? 

Mom: I LOVED being close to the museums and the area. The landscapes are awesome and the cherry blossoms are indescribable. I also love visiting Mount Vernon. It was on of my favorite historical sites. I loved bringing my kids to the zoo as well. And of course, my son Brandon being born was awesome.

Would you ever want to go back and visit? 

Mom: I have been back a few times to visit, and it never disappoints. I would love to go back with my grandchildren.

What did you think about base housing when we lived there?

Mom: Um, The first home that we lived in was okay. It only had one bathroom which was disappointing. But, we had a hill with the tree line which made for sledding fun in the winter and plenty of visits from neighboring deer. Then we moved to Icehouse Court and that housing was very family friendly. We lived in a  cul de sac with spacious bedrooms plenty of bathrooms and a fenced in yard.

What is one thing you didn’t like about VA? 

Mom: A lot of traffic and that is it. Overall, when I look back, I have wonderful memories from living there.

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