Flowers and Gardens

Mom and I took a walk down to the garden to check on our veggies! Everything is coming along pretty well. We are worried that somethings will not grow in time due to the fact that our growing season in Montana is so short.

We have learned a few things about growing a garden in Montana and we will be doing some things differently next year. Next update on our garden I will post our “next-time” list!

As for right now, I figured I would share with you some pictures from out garden.








red peppers




PURPLE carrots!


This is not our squash plant… but I thought it looked so pretty!

After our garden trip we took a detour to get home so we could prolong our outdoor walk! The sky was beautiful and I loved the colors.


Earlier this year mom and I removed rocks from under a tree in the back yard and planted Montana wild flowers! They are finally starting to bloom; even after thousands of attacks from the massive bunnies and of course Mom’s pug, Olive, couldn’t keep her stinky paws out of there! We also plated strawberries for my Bradley. He loves berries! These are some of the flowers from our yard!

IMG_7601 IMG_7603 IMG_7608

Now it is time to get out and pull some weeds! If only I can get the motivation to do so….

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