Flash Back Thursday Hawaii

The next little journey (courtesy of the military) I want to share with you is our move to Hawaii. Believe it or not, I do remember living there! I remember it being beautiful. I remember the smell, the sounds and the places. One of my favorite memories was going to the flea markets in front of the Aloha Stadium. I also remember going to the beach on many occasions. Maybe this is where my love for the beach steams from?!


I remember thinking Hawaii was the best place on earth. Now mind you. I was only 4 or 5, but maybe my naive mind was on to something…


My father was a Huey crew chief and was always taking pictures of the islands. It was fun as a child, to look at how the islands look from above.

Hawaii was a beautiful place, but I know it was more than that to my parents. My second brother Daniel was born there. He was quite the chunk and everyone loved him! I remember the girls next door would come over and want to hold him all the time. I am sure my brother Daniel would tell you it was because of his good looks at such a young age (oh brother).


Some of the other found memories I have from Hawaii was my grandma Charlotte coming to visit. I remember sitting on the dinning room table and letting Grandma put make up on me because I wanted to play dress up. I also remember going to Mass while Grandma was visiting (we went on a regular bases, but for some reason the times with Grandma stuck).



After Grandma did my make-up

I loved living in Hawaii and I hope to one day be able to take my children there to visit. It is a beautiful place and the memories I have from there are some of my favorite!


Our neighbors tree that I LOVED!

Again, I have my parents to thank for those fun memories. I hope my Husband and I can do the same for our children.

I will leave you all with a small interview from mom!

What was your favorite thing about living in Hawaii?

The fact that there was so much to do and the culture was interesting.

What was you lest favorite thing about living in Hawaii?

The traffic and too many people. Getting from one place to the other was a miserable and unpleasant experience. It could take up to 30min to travel 5 miles. 

What was your favorite memory from living in Hawaii?

Well, my son Daniel was born there and the cultural experience. 

Would you ever want to go back?

Yes, but only to visit. 

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