Christmas in July

Oh yes I said it!

It’s that time of year again where HSN, QVC and Hallmark, love to shower us Christmas lovers with a taste of that christmas spirit!

This marks the half way point to one of my favorite times of the year! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Christ’s birthday!

Mom and I, and now Emma, are enjoying HSN this week. They have the Christmas in July special going on. Next week is QVC and unfortunately  Hallmark has already had their Christmas week. However, I did catch a few Christmas movies at midnight. I took the liberty to check if hallmark will be playing any more Christmas movies in July and unfortunately I didn’t see any… BUT the movies are all listed on the Hallmark Channel website and some are available on iTunes.

To me this is the pre-game of Christmas. First and for most I reflect on the true meaning of Christmas for Christians around the world. Next I plan out my Christmas gift list. We have a massive family and I do my best to make sure I get everyone something.

Next I like to see if I can find any of these gifts now at a cheaper price! Believe it or not Black Friday isn’t all that great. You can actually pay less for items now then you will on the wonderful day of pushing and rushing in hopes to get a deal.

This is also the time mom and I like to start our projects. If we are making people gifts, like blankets, slippers, pjs, we have to start now in order to finish them in time!

So now that I have you either dreading the Christmas Holiday or I have you totally pumped and ready to go… This is your friendly reminder that you only have 6 more months till CHRISTMAS!

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