Challis 2013

At the end of June, Bert (husband), Bradley, Emma and I all got to embark on our first camping trip in the wild west! We journeyed west to Challis Idaho, where my husbands unit holds an annual camping trip. Even though my husband works in Great Falls, he works for Salt Lake City. Since his unit is so spread out they try to get everyone together twice a year.

Our drive to Idaho was beautiful! I had to drive so my husband could help bring a government car to Challis. I had a blast singing with my kids and listening to my music without any complaints… we did pretty well, all in all.


Once we got to Challis we unpacked and jumped right into the whole camping experience.

It was a lot of work especially with two babies. But I enjoyed the whole experience. The first night we were there is rained pretty bad… but it was welcomed. I love the sound of rain. It was a little cold but at the same time relaxing. Unfortunately not everyone experienced the rain the same way… one of my husbands bosses and his family had a little mishap with their tent and it leaked a little.

After the rainy day we got to take part in a few organized activities. The husbands did an ECO challenge, while he families got to watch. After the men where done, the wives got a chance to do a little rafting!


Bert “relaxing” and a little sunburnt!


Bradley was waiting to see his dad during the rafting part of the ECO challenge.


The Montana team came in last


But they did it in style!


S’mores face


My sunburnt baby

My babies enjoyed camping! Thank goodness one of the families brought a lot of baby toys… that was the one thing I forgot!

Poor Emma got sunburnt really bad and was pretty miserable the whole time. But I ‘d say we made the best of it.

We had a really great time camping, making s’mores and enjoying the company! I can’t wait to do it again.

Bert got to drive us home. Our drive home was just as beautiful and this time I got to sit back and enjoy the views!


This was as we were leaving the camp sight


On the way home, in one of the national parks.


Our camp sight was back in the mountains. I thought the view was beautiful!

I can’t wait to go next year with the babies… and I will defiantly be packing a little differently next time. For starters, bring SPF 100 if they make such a think! I will also be bringing 2 air mattress and more toys. Maybe even a kiddy-pool!!

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