Flash Back Thursday

After a lot of thought, I decided to share with you all the journeys past, thanks to the military! My parents did a lot for us children, and the number one thing I can thank them for most is the fact that I got to travel the world. My parents did everything they could for us children. My mom say’s it best: “I gave my whole being to my children.” My dad did the same. He might not think he did, but I am extremely grateful for all of the sacrifices they made for us. They truly put our needs above their own. So I wanted to share with you the childhood my parents gave me.

Mom always took pictures. LOTS of pictures. So she may not be in a lot of them.

I am going to share with you our first stop in Kansas…

This is the beginning of our journey in the military! The first picture is of my fathers going away party for the military. It was in Yakima WA. The pretty little girl holding me is my cousin. Mom is in the red sweater and the other women in the picture is my Aunt Marie who is no longer with us.


This is the first house the military assigned my parents. It was in Ft. Riley Kansas. The homes where newly remodeled and did not have grass!  We got stationed at Ft. Riley twice during my dad’s military service. The second time was in 2001 and these houses were still there believe it or not! With grass!


This is a picture of the street. I can still remember it a little. I am not sure if it’s from pictures and videos or if I actually remember… But I am going to pretend its because I actually remember! :0)


The picture below is our first Christmas in Kansas. I have a lot of pictures from that day… It is funny to see these pictures and think my dad once had a full head of hair! ( I am sure he will get made at me for this.) The little boy in the picture is my brother Michael.


It is amazing how fast time goes by. To think that this was the first journey of MANY. I am so thankful I get to look back and take you all with me on my Flash back Thursdays. (Doing it on Friday seemed too cliche!) I hope you enjoy going down memory lane with Mom and I!

I figured I would leave you with a little interview from Mom about Kansas and their first duty station.

Interview with Mom:

What was it like when Dad decided to join the military?

MOM: I was nervous, I was not from a military family so I didn’t know what to expect.  

What was going through your mind?

MOM: How much money will we make? Where will we be stationed?

How much money did you make back then?

MOM: I think it was only $300 dollars every two weeks.

Once you got to your new home on base what went through your head?

MOM: The drive to get to Kansas was absolutely beautiful, but once you got to Kansas it was a hell hole. But I did love my house on base. It made Kansas somewhat tolerable  We were the first ones to live in it. It had really nice wood floors! 

Did you like living in Kansas?


I don’t remember a lot about the first time we lived in Kansas, what was your favorite memory?

MOM: My favorite memory of Kansas was, the birth of my second child Michael! 

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