Exploring Missoula MT



Since moving to Montana we have had our fair share of adventures! We are beginning to love it here more and more. This week my brother Josh is attending “Griz Camp”. It is a football camp they hold at MSU every year. The camp only last 3 days, so mom and I took this opportunity to explore the city of Missoula.

On top of checking out the shopping they have, mom and I thought it would be fun to take the kids to the Elk Country Visitor  Center. This was one of the more exciting things we have done on our trip! Here are some pictures from our adventure.

IMG_6560IMG_6561 IMG_6571 IMG_6575 IMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6580 IMG_6584 IMG_6585 IMG_6592 IMG_6600

Tomorrow we get to venture out to see how my brother Josh is progressing in football! I will hopefully have some  more fun stories to share with you all tomorrow. But until then, I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our day at the Elk Country Visitor Center!

One thought on “Exploring Missoula MT

  1. Judy Hudgins says:

    Caitlan’s grandfather was the last of the big game hunters. Growing up she had a full grizzly mount in the living room. We would tell people the first time they came over to “watch out for the bear” and they would think we were talking about a teddy bear!

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