Great Falls MT Farmers Market.

Mom and I have been looking forward to the farmers market for months! We both have lived in areas where the farmers market is almost year round; waiting for June to roll around seemed like a life time! But let me tell you, the wait was well worth it!

We had a late start to our Saturday adventures and didn’t make it to the farmers market until 10am. With the market closing at 12 we thought we missed out… We were wrong. Very wrong! The pictures I have don’t do the market justice.






You walk up to the smell of pork being grilled and fried bread being made! You see people leaving with beautiful outdoor flower arrangements and children waiting in line to ride the horses. There were a lot of venders with a verity of items for sell. Thankfully mom and I were able to control ourselves and only left having bought soap and baked goods! We could have gotten ourselves in a lot of trouble!  It was a great time with lots to do. I am looking forward to going again this weekend!

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