The Things I do for a Few Veggies.


Mom and I started our garden early last week… Well, It has been “just our luck” that it would rain for a week. So I took my chances to check on the few plants we did get in the ground; put on mom’s garden clogs and walked through the plethora of mud, and some how magically made it to our garden plot. Believe it or not the plants are still thriving.

I threw down my compost and did my best to get the heck out of there! It’s a muddy mess and I am thanking God I did’t fall into the ultimate mud bath! I am praying for sunshine tomorrow or at lest no rain! Hopefully we can get back in there to finish planting next week! Bradley and I have also come up with a great idea to paint rocks to place around our plants. Mom suggested we paint some of them like lady bugs being as how that’s what her grandmother used to do! I think little things like that make the best memories!!

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