Coffee Filter Wreath


I recently bought a used Ikea self and desperately needed something to put above it. I already have a mirror and clock in my entry way and was running out of decor options! Then it dawned on me to make a wreath. Being as how I am impatient and wanted a wreath there NOW, I threw together this pretty coffee filter wreath! I already had most of the supplies!


You will need:

A hay wreath form

brown coffee filters ( I bought two of the large packs)

Floral picks (a pack of 100 should do)



I fold the filters in half and then weave the coffee filters onto the floral picks.

I usually add 3 to 4 coffee filters to each floral pick.



Filling in any  empty spots and trimming some of the longer areas. I like to leave a little variation in hight so it looks more like flowers instead of it looking like coffee filters!

This is the second one I’ve made and I just love them. They take about two hours to make and are cheap and pretty!

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