Heading West

What a blessed weekend! We had a wonderful time traveling to Orogen and then on to Washington to visit our family! And the views along the way were stunning!

IMG_5449 Blog04

My beautiful cousin Hannah was getting married and we just couldn’t miss it. We left early Friday morning to hopefully make it to The Dalles, Oregon by dinner time and we did just that. A yummy home cooked meal was waiting for us along with some of my dads family. We ate dinner and caught up on the past 13 years. After dinner we went for a walk through my Grandma’s garden. It is stunning. An eclectic collection of what she calls “trash”, but mom and I saw the true beauty in it all!

Blog05 IMG_5501 IMG_5502

The next day was Hannah’s wedding. She was radiant, a true beauty inside and out! Her wedding was in Hood River OR, and it was full of close friends and family. We were so elated to be at her wedding. Bradley was quit the entertainer as well, he felt the need to introduce himself to everyone…

IMG_5538 IMG_5536

IMG_5568 IMG_5550


After a beautiful wedding and a few days filled with talk, laughter and love, we headed north to Yakima, WA to see my Mom’s family. I was so excited to see everyone. When we got there my Grandma made us lunch and then we headed to town. It had been a while since I had seen Yakima, It had been even longer for mom. After our drive we went back to the farm to have dinner and talk. After dinner Bradley had a blast running around outside and I enjoyed the beautiful view.

IMG_5600 IMG_5605 IMG_5615

We planned on having dinner with my mom’s brother the next day, but unfortunately that night my poor bradley got violently sick. So we cut our stay in Yakima short and headed home that morning. It’s a good thing too, my poor kiddos are just as sick as can be.

I am very thankful for even just the short trip we had. I am looking forward to doing it again soon and even more so excited to have family come visit us here in good ol’ Great Falls!

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