Snow Day in Montana


We moved up here to good ol’ Great Falls, MT in early February and we ended up missing most of winter. But, luckily (for us) it has snowed a few times for us to be able to enjoy a little taste of winter that we have longed for since living in the south. We woke up to a lovely amount of snow this morning and I wanted to make the best of it for my son; being as how it will probably be one of the last “snow days” we will have this season.

I had my son do his “homework” and then I let him play in the snow for as long as he wanted (which wasn’t very long)!


It had already started melting by the time he was able to go out. But he made the best of it!


After some fun in the snow, he came in and I made him hot chocolate with whip topping and sprinkles. It was one of my fondest memories as a child. My parents would always have a nice cup of hot coco ready for me after playing in the snow or after having to walk home from school in the cold! I want to build those same memories with my children!


After his hot coco he went and played with Grandma’s dog while I made some chocolate chip cookies from scratch! He was one happy camper.


Our day is still not over! We are sitting back and enjoying a movie, blogging and relaxing before we get ready for a big trip to OR and WA to see family! I can’t wait to blog our trip!

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