A Little Coffee to Go with That Beer?

Mom and I have been exploring Great Falls MT for about 2 months now. We have finally found a place to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of joe. Besides coffee, they also have amazing crepes (we get ours gluten free) and a lunch/dinner menu… Oh, and you can’t forget the beer!

On the other side of the coffee haus they have a brewing company. So if your not in the mood for coffee and crepes you can sit back relax and enjoy a good ol’ beer! We suggest waiting until at least lunch time for the beer! But honestly who’s judging?!

We just love the atmosphere here. While it being very warm, cozy and inviting; it still has this “we are cool and a little funky” charm that I admire. There is this beautiful gas fire place separating the coffee haus and the brewing company. It’s a great spot to sit and enjoy a good book or converse with friends!

Chit chat, laughter and an occasional name being called to the counter for food, fill the room. As I sit here and write this, there are sisters to my right playing cards and drinking coffee. A college student (I am assuming) sitting by the fire, studying The Bible; and a few others talking amongst themselves and enjoying each others company.

It’s places like this we enjoy finding in a small town. In my personal opinion it’s way cooler than generic Starbucks and a lot more relaxing. It has that rustic simplicity that we love! I foresee myself spending a lot of time here whether it be, having coffee with mom or an afternoon out with my husband. Maybe even the occasional “date” with my dad enjoying a good local beer!

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