Oh how My Garden Grows.

I thought this would be a great “first” post to kick off spring and the “new” blog. It’s that  time of year again, where those green thumbs are hard at work! We have been gardening for years now. No matter where the military stationed us or how hot it might have gotten, we have always tried to grow a garden. For the past 2 years, I only grew flowers, but Mom has been doing a little bit of everything. Mom has been collecting seeds for a few years now. She only buys heirloom seeds when it comes to produce. I am so exited to finally be in Montana with her and grow a garden my children can enjoy!


This picture was taken a few years ago. My son was enjoying french carrots from Grandma’s garden.

For right now we started a few seeds indoors. We bought one of those little green-houses and my son and I planted, peas, peppers, melons, squash and a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head!


While my son and I got our hands a little dirty, mom was taking pictures and started a cute project of her own! Mom planted peas to grow around the widow in my kitchen. I thought this was just brilliant! I love having plants and flowers in the house. I can’t wait for these little guys to take off!!!


The “window peas”

I can’t wait to get fresh veggies from our garden. Food is always better when you have fresh greens!

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